4th Grade > Graphic Design: PSA Posters

Fourth grade students explored graphic design by creating public service announcement posters.

In our first class, we looked at famous PSA’s, such as Rosie the Riveter. We then learned about how graphic designers are artists who combine image and text in order to create artwork for a client. Artists then exploring font, learning about serif and sans serif font. We drew our own unique different fonts.

The next class, we briefly reviewed collage technique and then created collaged posters of our names using a specific style font that the artists had designed.

The following class artists were given a design brief describing the "client's" needs. Groups of 2-3 artists decided on a relevant topic together and then set to work sketching poster ideas. They first created individual sketches. The next class, students presented their finished sketches to the group and the group worked together in order to create a final design. The final classes, students worked together to transform sketches into a reality by creating an 18” by 24” collaged poster.

By working in small groups in order to create a single poster, students were able to develop their interpersonal and communication skills.

Students were assessed on their knowledge of relevant vocabulary and their ability to describe and defend their choices regarding the imagery they chose.