About the Artist

Ms. Allard’s personal artwork focuses on collage, painting, and drawing, with a subfocus on public art and participatory art.  She is interested in creating unique relationships, be it color play or intersections of divergent subject matter.  Her representational work is influenced by Surrealist and Dada practices, contorting and disecting meaning through the playful juxtaposition of color and image.  She is interested in the subjective experience of color, chosing colors based on intuition and play rather than calculation and empericism.  She is highly influenced by Peter Doig and the Fauvists in this regard. 

She has also created participatory art experiences at various venues, including the DUMBO Arts Festival and RISD Museum, and has exhibited her two-dimensional artwork throughout the United States.  She received her BA in Educational Studies and Visual Arts from Brown University in 2002 and her MFA/Art and Design Education Certificate from Pratt Institute in 2009.

Ms. Allard works as an elementary school art teacher in Corona Queens.  She has over a decade of arts education experience, having worked students from ages 1 to 97. She provides high-quality, standards-aligned arts education workshops, events and professional development workshops. Clients include Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Studio in a School, RISD Museum, New Urban Arts and DUMBO Arts Festival.